Friday, June 27, 2008

Posing Elizabet Bizelle

Our friend Ted Menten recently sent me photos of his newly acquired Elizabet Bizelle Woman In Red doll to show her posing styles. Pretty cool!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project Dollway Visits Happily Ever After

The standing room only crowd at Happily Ever After awaits the Project Dollway program!

Center City Doll Club President Robbin Atwell displays dolls created by Ted and Andrea.

Center City Doll Club President Robbin Atwell is surrounded by Andrea Jacques, winner of Project Dollway and Ted Menten, founder of Project Dollway.

Ann Hemmerich happily holds one of Andrea's creations to add to her collection.

Sheryl Brown holds a creation made by Andrea for Doug James Gabby & Violett doll line with Andrea to her side and Ed Ferry and Glenn Lash of Happily Ever After at either end.

Two members from Metro Dolls, Michael Giunta and Bryan Marsee paid a visit to meet Ted and Andrea. Oh Marcia we missed you!

Thank you Ted and Andrea for an incredible evening!

View the excitement of Project Dollway at!