Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wizard of Oz - Casting Dorothy

Wizard of Oz - Casting The Wicked Witch

Meet Me In St Louis - The Trolley Song

Summer Stock - Get Happy

Singing In The Rain - Moses Supposes

Trilogy of Terror - Amelia Part 3 Of 3

Robert Tonner - Doll House Of Terror - Part 2

Robert Tonner - Doll House of Terror - Part One

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008 Alexander McDonald's Dolls

Alexander doll has annouced the fall 2008 McDonald Happy Meal dolls - all from OZ!

Alexander Doll Company is pleased to once again partner with McDonald’s Corporation for their Fall Happy Meal promotionThe dates for this year's program are September 12th - October 9th. The designs for the 4 1/2 inch mini plastic dolls are replicas of dolls from past and present MA/The Wizard of Oz™ Collections and will include a total of 12 dolls—Dorothy™, Glinda the Good Witch™ , Wicked Witch of the West™ , Scarecrow™, Tin Man™ , Cowardly Lion™, Winged Monkey™, Oz Flower Munchkin, Lullaby Munchkin, Lolllipop Munchkin, Winkie Guard and The Wizard of Oz™. One of these dolls will be available in each Happy Meal purchased at participating McDonald’s in the US and Canada.

For those who already collect the extraordinary 8 and 10 inch Madame Alexander dolls, these mini dolls will add a new dimension to their collections. It is also a great opportunity to introduce young collectors to the world of Madame Alexander and start them off on their own collections. Local Alexander Doll retailers are always ready to greet new collectors and help them select their first doll.

To check the Madame Alexander / Wizard of Oz™ Happy Meal® dolls out in action, please visit Visit the McDonald's® Web site for some interactive fun!

Mikki Klug Wins URSA Award

Baby sugar glider by Mikki Klug - Winner of URSA Award from Bears and Buds magazine

Congratulations to Mikki Klug of Cripple Creek Creations!

I've been an animal lover as long as I can remember. I still live on the farm with my husband, Ronald, and all our animals: Llamas, cats and dogs. My love of these animals has enabled me to create felties, with unique poses, expressions and personalities.

A special thanks for the on going support of Ron, my sisters, Maggie and Cookie (Susan) and Felicia Hymer of the Bear Scout who sells my creations. I spend about eight house a day needle felting which I Love!

Competitions like Bears&Buds' URSA Awards are extremely rewarding and challenge me to continually improve my skill and a vehicle to introduce my work to many of which have become my loyal customer and friends.

Thank you for voting for me.

2008 Maggie Iacono dolls from Modern Doll Convention

Here are photos of the dolls some very lucky people were able to add to their collection from the 2008 Modern Doll Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida.