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Exquisite French Dolls

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Written by Auction House PR Tuesday, 25 October 2011 14:35
Magnificent 29-inch size 13 'Triste bebe' by Jumeau with luminous complexion. Image courtesy Frasher's Doll Auctions.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Splendidly attired French bebes and poupees will make a fashion statement at Frasher’s auction Nov. 5, which is appropriately titled “A Shopping Spree – For Bebe & Me.” The event will be held at the KCI Expo Center at Kansas City International Airport.
Online live bidding for the 300-lot auction will be facilitated by
Although dolls dressed in the finest fashions of their era adorn the catalog pages, more luscious frocks, bonnets, parasols and finery are waiting to be purchased.
Preview for the sale will be Saturday, Nov. 5, from 9 until the start of the sale at 10:30 a.m. Central. On Sunday, Nov. 6, Frasher’s will conduct an uncataloged auction, for attending bidders only, featuring over 275 lots.
The auction is based on a fine private collection focused primarily on choice French dolls and fabulous doll clothing, bonnets, parasols and assorted accessories and miniatures, plus dolls from the Reber estate.
The luscious Bebe Bru Jne 7 with entrancing blue eyes and fitted French silk costume leads the French parade accompanied by bebes by Petit & Dumontier, Jumeau, Steiner, Delcroix and other French firms.
Jumeau is especially well represented throughout the catalog pages which include the rare size 1 bebe with cartouche mark, early portrait models, E.J. Bebe with earliest mark, lovely blue-eyed bebe with incised depose mark, and the delectable size 13 Bebe Triste, as well as other examples by Jumeau.
From Steiner is an impressive array of bebes beginning with the tiny size 1 “Series A” bebe as well as a grand 32-inch Figure A, and 28-inch Series C bebe, all with luxurious antique or couturier costuming.
French poupees are notable for quality and costuming, ranging from the petite 12-inch example by Bru to the superb 24-inch and 28-inch models attired in their most fashionable gowns. Rare models of note are the 14-inch poupee with blown leather body, 18-inch wood-bodied poupee by Barrious as well as 24-inch Barrois with Celment & Dehors neck articulation.
A fine group of 18th-century carved English wooden dolls include Queen Anne examples in sizes 13, 14 and 20 inches. From the 19th century are several Neapolitan figures with an especially fine 24-inch model in jeweled robe grabbing the spotlight.
German dolls are highlighted by an outstanding 38-inch Handwerck child coming from her original home, Kammer and Reinhardt character models #101 and #114, other cabinet-size dolly faces, plus French-type Belton and Sonneberg dolls, as well as character babies, and all-bisque dolls.
From the Reber estate is a collection of Schoenhut models, many from the earliest period, with the seldom-found model 106 carved-bonnet girl claiming the title of most rare. Other Schoenhuts include #100 girl with carved pageboy hairstyle, several examples of braided-hair girls #102, plus models, 101, 204, 308 and other desirable examples.
Collectors of cloth dolls will appreciate the circa 1930s Lenci dolls and the more than 30 models of the R. John Wright cloth characters beginning with his earliest works and continuing to the present era. There are dollhouses by Albin Schonherr and Gottschalck featuring colorful lithography, plus dollhouse miniatures, several items of French gilded bronze enamelware, Beidermeier furniture, assortment of French Brittany furnishings, Marklin doll carriage, three carved Swiss wooden dolls.
Collectors will marvel at the abundance of fine dresses, bonnets, parasols including Huret, purses, jewelry, vitrines, gloves, fans, muff, miniatures and other luxury items.
A color catalog for this auction is available with estimates and after-sale prices realized. The auction can also be viewed on approximately three weeks prior to the auction. This will be a wonderful weekend for doll collectors plus an opportunity to view and acquire beautiful dolls and accessories.
A beautiful 80-page catalog is available for $43. For information or to order a catalog contact Frasher’s Doll Auctions, 2323 S. Mecklin School Road, Oak Grove, MO 64075; email or phone 816-625-3786.
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Earliest Talking Doll by Thomas Edison

One of Thomas Edison's earliest ideas for his phonograph involved recording the audio for talking dolls on a ring-shaped cylinder. You know, for kids. Now researchers have digitally resurrected the sound of the earliest known example of such a recording from 123 years ago.

This earliest surviving talking doll recording features a woman reciting a verse of the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." She was one of two women hired by Edison for what may have been the first professional recording artist gig. The solid metal record and its counterparts may represent the first phonograph recordings ever made for intended sale to the public — even if they were never actually sold.
The tin phonograph cylinder made in 1888 represents Edison's first attempt to make talking dolls, as described in laboratory notes and newspaper articles from late in the year.

But for unknown reasons, Edison had switched from tin to wax recordings by the time the first talking dolls first hit store shelves in April 1890. Doll sales flopped in part because the wax recordings proved too fragile. Fortunately for Edison, he saw other successes with the phonograph and similarly bright ideas such as the incandescent light bulb.

They then extracted a digital audio file by using modern image analysis, and captured all but the very first syllable of the very first word.
Historian Patrick Feaster of Indiana University and researcher Rene Rondeau of Corte Madera, Calif., helped identify the recording's significance.

National Park Service museum curators had first cataloged the object in 1967 from among items found in the desk of Edison's secretary, William H. Meadowcroft. A paper tag attached to the cylinder simply reads: "Tin Phonograph Cylinder […]l Record."

The Kouklitas by Andrew Yang

Check out these high end fashion rag dolls!

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"In the City With" the Dynamite Girls

Mighty Real Reese
The Dynamite Girls® In The City Collection Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

Toot toot, beep. She may look like a bad girl but she's all good. From her her cute short-alls with fitted pink blazer, flower choker, purple metallic bag and gold peep toe platform heels, Reese is keeping it mighty real in this look.

You Sexy Thing Jasper
The Dynamite Girls® In The City CollectionLimited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

Jasper is back with a bang! You can't get much more sexier than a pair of hot pants and Jasper is raising temperatures with hers. She wears a short sleeved print blouse, large woven pink hat, beaded necklace and metallic silver bag. A pair of teal platform wedges finish off her look.

Good TimesDayle
The Dynamite Girls® In The City Collection

Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide. Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

Dayle is here and ready for a good time with all of her friends. She single handedly is planning on bringing back sun visors. Dayle's sun visor is purple and super stylish with a modern graphic pattern on the brim. She wears a brown sleeveless hoodie, multi stripe sweater, purple mini skirt, blue ankle socks and purple pumps.

Hot Stuff Cruz
The Dynamite Girls® In The City CollectionLimited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

We're all talking about Cruz this evening. This very hot part-time taxi driver/model from the Bronx, is all the girls can talk about these days. From his dark good looks, faux-hawk, tight dark jeans, vintage graphic "New York" t-shirt and yellow leather jacket, Cruz is ready to take on the city and make it his own anyway he can.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cutest Doll Ever! - R John Wright's The Rose Fairy

I just finished speaking with Amy at R. John Wright's Headquarters in Bennington, Vermont.

Very happy to report that Hurricane Irene skipped their path but the roads are still closed throughout the town. I am hoping for a safe return to normal for everyone very soon.

In the meantime, I was phoning to order more of Wright's The Rose Fairy! I said to Amy, "It is the biggest seller we have ever had. One collector said it was the cutest doll ever!"
So if you desire to add "the cutest doll ever" to your collection, please phone Happily Ever After at 1-215-627-5790 or just shop on our web site at

Based on The Flower Fairies Collection, only one hundred and fifty Rose Fairies will be produced.

To nominate your "cutest doll ever", please leave your declarations in the comments section.

Yes, your children are cute dolls too but that is not what I mean! Love, Ed

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wednesday Sale Preview

Welcome to Happily Ever After's weekly


This week we are featuring

"Manly Men of the Doll World".

If you don't see something this week, just you wait! Next week could be YOUR week!!

Shipping for items in our Sales Newsletter will be based on UPS charges to your address (within the continental US).

Call 215-627-5790 or email

"Andy Mills"
~ Event Planner ~

Size: 17"

Retail Price: $179.99

Sale Price: $119

"Damon Salvatore"


Size: 17"

Retail Price: $159.99

Sale Price: $106


Romain Perrin

Size: 12"

Retail Price: $125

Sale Price: $115


Victor James

Size: 12"

Retail Price: $125

Sale Price: $115

Capt. Reynolds

Size: 17"

Retail Price: $154.99

Sale Price: $124

Welcome To September!

It was a busy dolly weekend for me! On Sunday (9/4) I attended the Metro Dolls monthly doll club meeting at Bryan's home in Rutherford, NJ.

The meeting was a "packing party" meeting since the club is preparing for their annual luncheon. The theme this year is Gothic Romance which benefits Autism Speaks.

Take a look at the Metro Doll Blog to see their previous luncheon events.

I am always amazed at the incredible items the club designs and assembles for these events. It would be a long and difficult search to find a more hard working and creative group of people.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doll For Thought

This huge Barbie doll, which represents what Barbie's body proportions would be if she were life-sized, was made by anorexia survivor Galia Slayen. The doll stands 6 feet tall with a 39-inch bust, 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. The Barbie wears a size 00 skirt that Slayen used to wear when she was suffering from her eating disorder. This year, Galia displayed Barbie at her school, Hamilton College, during its first National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. (Courtesy Galia Slayden)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sideshow Presents Capt Jack: "On Stranger Tides"

Follow this link for incredible images of this doll: In celebration of Disney's highly anticipated 3D adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to present the 1/6th scale Captain Jack Sparrow from Hot Toys' DX Series. Complete with two interchangeable, highly detailed portraits, a generous assortment of interchangeable hands, and a sophisticated costume and accessory set, the Captain Jack Sparrow 12-inch Figure is a must-have for any Disney or Pirates of the Caribbean fan. The Captain Jack Sparrow - DX Series 12-inch Figure features: Authentic and detailed likeness of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides movie Stands approximately 30 cm tall TrueType body with over 30 points of articulation Individually sculpted hair pieces with accessories and red hair band Two (2) interchangeable portraits with realistic beard and plaits on chin Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) patented by Hot Toys Limited Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable hands with rings and glove on right side including: One (1) pair relaxed One (1) pair for holding flintlock pistol One (1) right hand for holding saber One (1) pair for holding rudder or telescope One (1) pair showing his iconic gesture One (1) faux-leather detachable brown hat One (1) cream-colored long-sleeved shirt One (1) blue and brown patterned vest One (1) dark brown long jacket One (1) pair of dark brown pants One (1) dark brown and (1) light brown faux-leather with buckle One (1) dark brown faux-leather patterned shoulder band with saber sheath One (1) pair of brown boots Two (2) flintlock pistols One (1) saber One (1) left lace wristband and one (1) right wrist band One (1) scarf One (1) piece of feather on waist One (1) compass One (1) small telescope One (1) long telescope (US and Japan Exclusive) One (1) head sculpt of his mother One (1) duck's foot sculpture One (1) movie-accurate rudder with base and movie nameplate Figure stand with Captain Jack Sparrow nameplate and the movie logo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Inside the R. John Wright Factory

Individually Stuffing the mohair pussy willows.
The plush pussy willows are attached to the felt branches.

The completed pussy willows are artistically airbrushed.

Bunches of pussy willows and violets.

The paper mache eggs are covered with colored paper.

Spring Delivery chicks join the Easter Party.

Final touches prior to boxing.

Peter Cottontail is ready to spread Easter cheer.

Dolls Magazine

Dear DOLLS subscriber, Your July 2011 digital edition of DOLLS is now available. Click here to get instant access. Step into The Beautiful Vault with award-winning designer and writer Joan Greene on page 22 Happily Ever After is still taking preorders for Joan Greene's dolls! For More: Check out the sweet and stylish creations of Sue Stark on page 34. And be sure to turn to page 28 to see the fabulous fashions created by Horsman's latest design team addition, Kurt Van Buskirk. We sincerely hope you enjoy the latest issue of DOLLS! Sincerely, Joyce Greenholdt Editor DOLLS.

There Are Faeries In the Garden!

With every R. John Wright purchase, you will receive a 20% coupon to put towards any future purchase!! We have a generous layaway. Call 215-627-5790 or email your order request to
The Hazel Nut Fairy is constructed of the finest all wool felt. She is fully jointed at shoulders, hips and neck. Hazel Nut has delicately hand painted features and a meticulously hand-knotted wig of the finest imported dark brown mohair. Hazel Nut has a sculpural, molded toddler body and limbs and her tiny hands are sewn with individual fingers. Her delicate fairy wings are sewn, molded, and hand painted out of fine silk organza. The Hazel Nut Fairy is dressed in a sleeveless shift of softly hand colored organdy and a felt cap on her head. The Autumn Flower Fairy comes holding a branch of detailed, realistic hazelnuts and red tinged leaves made of molded, hand painted felt. Retail Price: $795 LE 250
From Flower Fairies of the Wayside - The Red Clover Fairy is constructed of the finest all wool felt. She is fully jointed at shoulders, hips and neck with new ball & socket jointing system with internal wood mechanism. The Red Clover Fairy has delicately hand painted features and a wig of the finest imported mohair. The Red Clover Fairy has a sculpural molded felt body and limbs and her graceful hands are sewn with individual fingers. Her lovely fairy wings are sewn, molded, and hand painted out of fine silk organza. The Red Clover Fairy is costumed per the original illustration by Cicely Mary Barker in a silk dress with felt leaves at the shoulders and a matching scarf tied at her chin. This lovely little Wayside Flower Fairy comes holding a detailed, realistic stalk of clover made entirely out of felt with delicate airbrushed coloration. Retail Price: $695 LE 250

Helen Kish Returns to Happily Ever After

Everyone here at Happily Ever After is thrilled to welcome back to the shop, the beautiful, the talented, the one and only Helen Kish! Sunday, June 26, 2011 From 12:30PM to 2:30PM 1010 Pine Street ~ Philadelphia, PA We will be having an exclusive Snow White created for the event. With a Raven sculpt (from the Chrysalis line), she will be limited to 40 pieces AND hand painted by Helen Kish! Price: $495 (Estimated date of delivery: late 2011) Call today to reserve your doll! 215-627-5790

Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Dandy Paper Doll

Fine and dandy: Patrick McDonald, aka "The New York Dandy," will appear

at a booksigning at Books Inc. on Market Street in the Castro on Thursday.
New York dandy Patrick McDonald, seen in the pages of national fashion magazines, newspapers and blogs for his colorful attire at high society parties and on Bravo TV's "Launch My Line," will be in San Francisco Thursday to sign copies of illustrator Jim Howard's book, "Four Famous Dandies Paper Dolls" (Paper Studio Press, 2010). The book is a paper doll book featuring McDonald, Beau Brummel, Oscar Wilde and the Duke of Windsor and was illustrated by Jim Howard, an artist who did illustrations for I. Magnin, the now-defunct San Francisco department store chain. Howard, now in his 80s, will also attend. McDonald has appeared in books including "The Style Makers" (Monacelli, 2001) and "American Fashion Menswear" (Assouline, 2009). He is also a fashion writer and consultant who appears in the latest documentary about street style, "Bill Cunningham New York," set to open in San Francisco April 8. Read more:
Not just kids stuff: Paper cut-out dolls can be fun for fashionistas.

Patrick McDonald is one of four dandies in a new book by Jim Howard.

No fashion book signing can be held without a cocktail party first, so McDonald and Howard will hold forth beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Sui Generis Ille, a vintage and consignment store for men at 2231 Market St. No need for cabs or re-parking: The book signing will follow at 7:30 p.m. at Books Inc., 2275 Market St. And at 8 p.m., Sui Generis Illa, a new women's boutique, serves cocktails to celebrate its grand opening at 2265 Market St.Read more:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Offering

We are pleased to announce the second and final production of "Peter Cottontail" for the 2011 spring season! Peter Cottontail is constructed of the finest mohair plush and wool felt. He is fully jointed and stands approximately 15" tall. His beautiful sculptural face and ears have detailed coloration and he features felt-backed glass eyes, a molded felt nose, and inserted whiskers. Peter Cottontail holds a springtime bouquet of detailed felt violets and pussy willows made entirely of felt and mohair plush. He also carries a papier mache Easter egg gaily wrapped in paper with silk ribbons. For effortless display, Peter Cottontail comes complete with a built-in removable metal stand.
Peter Cottontail was produced at the R. John Wright workshop in Bennington, Vermont in an edition limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. The final pieces in the edition are now ready for shipment. We would encourage you to place your order ASAP to avoid disappointment! The suggested retail price is $825.

Call 215-627-5790 or email us at

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ken Winner

Kurtis Taylor, lower left, who was named the winner of the “Genuine Ken” contest, with the other competitors. Go to related article »

Use your own words and phrases, or click “read more” to choose from a scrambled list of the words or phrases that were removed. Another option? Read, or listen to someone read, the original article first, then fill in the blanks from memory.

The toy maker Mattel is revamping its best-selling Barbie franchise by emphasizing her longtime beau, __________.
The company is bolstering awareness of Barbie’s companion — who celebrated his __________th birthday on March 11 — using social networks like Facebook and Twitter and a series of just-completed webisodes in which wholesome-looking young male contestants vied to be the new __________, literally, of the soon-to-be redesigned boyfriend.

The eight-part series, called “Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend,” was Mattel’s first _________ into digital reality events and an effort that “is on the beginning edge of a new marketing trend,” said Dean DeBiase, chairman of Reboot Partners, which advises companies on growth strategies.

Spotlighting Ken comes after the toy maker’s recent update of __________, who turns 52 this year, as a fashion plate with high-style _________. The eight contestants in the “Genuine Ken” series competed in an array of “Bachelorette”-style challenges to determine who had the ideal qualities to fill Ken’s customary role as the “ultimate __________ for every occasion.”

The redesigned Ken doll will resemble the contest winner, Kurtis Taylor, a 25-year-old former defensive lineman for Iowa State, who won over the __________ in the romantic gesture category.

…Ken, who had a breakup with Barbie in 2004 but won her back on __________ Day, began his comeback by appearing in Disney’s “Toy Story 3” last summer. The “Genuine Ken” series began appearing on Hulu in January, hosted by another fashionable __________, Whitney Port, who appeared in the popular MTV series “The Hills.”

Mattel’s Ken series featured eight boy-next-door contestants who competed in contests including cooking, decorating, entertaining and __________ to win over Barbie.

…In the episodes, the __________ and confident contestants, who also include a bartender and a singer-songwriter, make on-camera asides — both humorous and cutting — reacting to their __________. The show has an air of __________ house humor and is aimed at an over-18 audience.

“The series is aimed at grownups,” said Ms. Cota. “The Barbie brand resonates with three generations, from consumers who played with the dolls as children to those who love the brand today.”

Collectors of all things Barbie put millions of dollars into Mattel’s coffers each year. And they have an annual __________. This year it is in Fort Lauderdale in July, and it will focus on Ken.
…Meanwhile, Mattel is readying a modeling contract for Mr. Taylor. With $500 to buy gifts, he edged out his rivals when he won the romantic category by giving each judge a __________ and donating the remaining money to the Make a Wish Foundation.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A Truly Royal Doll

Move over Barbie – the future Queen of England has been turned into a doll.
The Kate Middleton Royal Engagement Vinyl Portrait Doll, which comes complete with the blue dress she wore to the public announcement of her engagement to Prince William, as well as a miniature replica of her necklace, earrings and engagement ring, is being sold for a whopping $195 (£120).

The Franklin Mint – the same US collectables company that won a multi-million pound lawsuit against the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, in 2004 – is only issuing 5,000 of the figurines worldwide, with a portion of the proceeds from sales going to charity.

Collectors can also pre-order a Portrait of a Princess Kate Middleton Bridal Doll, in full wedding attire, which will be released after the royal couple’s big day on 29 April.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dolls of Japan

The Dolls of Japan: Shapes of Prayer, Embodiments of Love
This exhibition introduces Japan’s representative dolls, including Hina ningyo (Girls’ Festival dolls) and Gogatsu ningyo (Boys’ Day dolls), which have their origins in ancient customs; dolls connected to traditional performing arts like noh, bunraku and kabuki; regional dolls from throughout the country; and “creative dolls” produced by contemporary craftspeople.