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Exquisite French Dolls

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Written by Auction House PR Tuesday, 25 October 2011 14:35
Magnificent 29-inch size 13 'Triste bebe' by Jumeau with luminous complexion. Image courtesy Frasher's Doll Auctions.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Splendidly attired French bebes and poupees will make a fashion statement at Frasher’s auction Nov. 5, which is appropriately titled “A Shopping Spree – For Bebe & Me.” The event will be held at the KCI Expo Center at Kansas City International Airport.
Online live bidding for the 300-lot auction will be facilitated by
Although dolls dressed in the finest fashions of their era adorn the catalog pages, more luscious frocks, bonnets, parasols and finery are waiting to be purchased.
Preview for the sale will be Saturday, Nov. 5, from 9 until the start of the sale at 10:30 a.m. Central. On Sunday, Nov. 6, Frasher’s will conduct an uncataloged auction, for attending bidders only, featuring over 275 lots.
The auction is based on a fine private collection focused primarily on choice French dolls and fabulous doll clothing, bonnets, parasols and assorted accessories and miniatures, plus dolls from the Reber estate.
The luscious Bebe Bru Jne 7 with entrancing blue eyes and fitted French silk costume leads the French parade accompanied by bebes by Petit & Dumontier, Jumeau, Steiner, Delcroix and other French firms.
Jumeau is especially well represented throughout the catalog pages which include the rare size 1 bebe with cartouche mark, early portrait models, E.J. Bebe with earliest mark, lovely blue-eyed bebe with incised depose mark, and the delectable size 13 Bebe Triste, as well as other examples by Jumeau.
From Steiner is an impressive array of bebes beginning with the tiny size 1 “Series A” bebe as well as a grand 32-inch Figure A, and 28-inch Series C bebe, all with luxurious antique or couturier costuming.
French poupees are notable for quality and costuming, ranging from the petite 12-inch example by Bru to the superb 24-inch and 28-inch models attired in their most fashionable gowns. Rare models of note are the 14-inch poupee with blown leather body, 18-inch wood-bodied poupee by Barrious as well as 24-inch Barrois with Celment & Dehors neck articulation.
A fine group of 18th-century carved English wooden dolls include Queen Anne examples in sizes 13, 14 and 20 inches. From the 19th century are several Neapolitan figures with an especially fine 24-inch model in jeweled robe grabbing the spotlight.
German dolls are highlighted by an outstanding 38-inch Handwerck child coming from her original home, Kammer and Reinhardt character models #101 and #114, other cabinet-size dolly faces, plus French-type Belton and Sonneberg dolls, as well as character babies, and all-bisque dolls.
From the Reber estate is a collection of Schoenhut models, many from the earliest period, with the seldom-found model 106 carved-bonnet girl claiming the title of most rare. Other Schoenhuts include #100 girl with carved pageboy hairstyle, several examples of braided-hair girls #102, plus models, 101, 204, 308 and other desirable examples.
Collectors of cloth dolls will appreciate the circa 1930s Lenci dolls and the more than 30 models of the R. John Wright cloth characters beginning with his earliest works and continuing to the present era. There are dollhouses by Albin Schonherr and Gottschalck featuring colorful lithography, plus dollhouse miniatures, several items of French gilded bronze enamelware, Beidermeier furniture, assortment of French Brittany furnishings, Marklin doll carriage, three carved Swiss wooden dolls.
Collectors will marvel at the abundance of fine dresses, bonnets, parasols including Huret, purses, jewelry, vitrines, gloves, fans, muff, miniatures and other luxury items.
A color catalog for this auction is available with estimates and after-sale prices realized. The auction can also be viewed on approximately three weeks prior to the auction. This will be a wonderful weekend for doll collectors plus an opportunity to view and acquire beautiful dolls and accessories.
A beautiful 80-page catalog is available for $43. For information or to order a catalog contact Frasher’s Doll Auctions, 2323 S. Mecklin School Road, Oak Grove, MO 64075; email or phone 816-625-3786.
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Earliest Talking Doll by Thomas Edison

One of Thomas Edison's earliest ideas for his phonograph involved recording the audio for talking dolls on a ring-shaped cylinder. You know, for kids. Now researchers have digitally resurrected the sound of the earliest known example of such a recording from 123 years ago.

This earliest surviving talking doll recording features a woman reciting a verse of the nursery rhyme "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." She was one of two women hired by Edison for what may have been the first professional recording artist gig. The solid metal record and its counterparts may represent the first phonograph recordings ever made for intended sale to the public — even if they were never actually sold.
The tin phonograph cylinder made in 1888 represents Edison's first attempt to make talking dolls, as described in laboratory notes and newspaper articles from late in the year.

But for unknown reasons, Edison had switched from tin to wax recordings by the time the first talking dolls first hit store shelves in April 1890. Doll sales flopped in part because the wax recordings proved too fragile. Fortunately for Edison, he saw other successes with the phonograph and similarly bright ideas such as the incandescent light bulb.

They then extracted a digital audio file by using modern image analysis, and captured all but the very first syllable of the very first word.
Historian Patrick Feaster of Indiana University and researcher Rene Rondeau of Corte Madera, Calif., helped identify the recording's significance.

National Park Service museum curators had first cataloged the object in 1967 from among items found in the desk of Edison's secretary, William H. Meadowcroft. A paper tag attached to the cylinder simply reads: "Tin Phonograph Cylinder […]l Record."

The Kouklitas by Andrew Yang

Check out these high end fashion rag dolls!

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"In the City With" the Dynamite Girls

Mighty Real Reese
The Dynamite Girls® In The City Collection Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

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Toot toot, beep. She may look like a bad girl but she's all good. From her her cute short-alls with fitted pink blazer, flower choker, purple metallic bag and gold peep toe platform heels, Reese is keeping it mighty real in this look.

You Sexy Thing Jasper
The Dynamite Girls® In The City CollectionLimited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

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Jasper is back with a bang! You can't get much more sexier than a pair of hot pants and Jasper is raising temperatures with hers. She wears a short sleeved print blouse, large woven pink hat, beaded necklace and metallic silver bag. A pair of teal platform wedges finish off her look.

Good TimesDayle
The Dynamite Girls® In The City Collection

Limited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide. Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

Dayle is here and ready for a good time with all of her friends. She single handedly is planning on bringing back sun visors. Dayle's sun visor is purple and super stylish with a modern graphic pattern on the brim. She wears a brown sleeveless hoodie, multi stripe sweater, purple mini skirt, blue ankle socks and purple pumps.

Hot Stuff Cruz
The Dynamite Girls® In The City CollectionLimited Edition of 350 Dolls Worldwide

Retail Price: $60.00

Estimated Arrival: Early January 2012

We're all talking about Cruz this evening. This very hot part-time taxi driver/model from the Bronx, is all the girls can talk about these days. From his dark good looks, faux-hawk, tight dark jeans, vintage graphic "New York" t-shirt and yellow leather jacket, Cruz is ready to take on the city and make it his own anyway he can.