Tuesday, June 29, 2010

If It's Not a Doll. It's an Action Figure

It’s Not a Doll, It’s an Action Figure at Bear and Bird Gallery features artwork and photography inspired by, or using, action figures. Not to be confused with dolls, the subjects of the gallery's latest exhibit are on display doing what they do best: saving, destroying and living lives of high adventure.

Toy Story 3 Ken Makes Metrosexual Cool!

By Emily Feimster
HollywoodNews.com: Who’da thunk it? The Ken doll was actually ahead of his time. “Toy Story 3,” with Ken voiced by Michael Keaton, confirms what we all intuited long ago — the fact that this doll is… a metrosexual.
In case you hadn’t heard, “metrosexual” is a word to describe a fella who’s proudly concerned with his appearance, from his gelled hairdo to his manicured fingernails. A term first coined in 1994 by British journalist Mark Simpson, the metrosexual male, unlike his scruffy haired, t-shirt wearing counterpart, knows how to moisturize, shop, and behave in public. He’d rather sip a glass of wine than down a 12-pack of beer. And like Ken, he revels in having a walk-in closet full of stylish outfits. It’s a phenomenon that confuses women and affects gaydar.
Just ask Ryan Seacrest, the mother of all metrosexuals. He always wears fashionable clothes, has frosted hair, and normally a well-groomed 5 o’clock shadow. When asked by Larry King if it’s fair for people to call him a metrosexual, Seacrest responded, “Yes, I’m fine with it. I think it’s cool…I’ve made it no secret that I’ve highlighted my hair, and I’ve just — I’ve done these things that I never knew how to do until, when you start a TV show, you have somebody that helps you with things. I think it’s OK for a man to say, I want to take care of myself and be presentable for a woman in my life.” Riiiight.
More Examples:
Soccer icon David Beckham - Gets manicures before every match, changing his hair weekly and loving to shop. In fact, he and his Spice Girl wife Victoria, dubbed “Posh and Becks,” seem to enjoy wearing color coordinated outfits at many public events. Gillette gave Beckham a $50,000 diamond-encrusted razor so he can keep a clean shave at all times. He paints his nails and wears sarongs. He goes to the hair salon to get perfect highlights. What’s more, he doesn’t care if you know that. Among his favorite designers are Gucci, Prada, Diesel and Dolce & Gabbana, not to mention his earning around $1,757,000 for modeling Police sunglasses. He does sport the odd diamond earring worth around $12,300, an $87,850 wedding ring, and a limited edition white-gold Panerai watch. It’s enough to make Ken jealous.

Australian actor Hugh Jackman - Despite having an affinity for musical theatre, you definitely know a guy’s a metrosexual when he’s prettier than his wife. His favorite food is sushi.

Will Smith - He avoids using profanity and is good to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The two are usually decked out in designer duds, which happen to be color coordinated with each other.

Dave Navarro - Travels with Louise Vuitton luggage? No stranger to a nail salon, this guy takes more time to get ready than his wife Carmen Electra and even uses way more eyeliner. Not to mention the fact that he was way too into their wedding planning. Nothing’s more entertaining than watching a leather-clad, Satan-esque rocker talking about flower arrangements and making sure the bouquet matches his suit.

P. Diddy is so concerned with fashion, he inaugurated his own highly-successful line.
Usher is often dressed in unbelievably expensive designer suits, he’s no stranger to wearing dainty gloves, and he’s always seen sporting his diamond stud earrings. He takes enormously good care of his body, doing over 1,000 crunches a day to keep those rock hard abs. He’s even the first to admit that he’s one of the biggest momma’s boys in the business.

Justin Timberlake - Called his mom and almost cried the day he got “Punk’d” by Ashton Kutcher. Though gone are the days of him wearing an all denim suit with a matching hat underneath his neatly gelled, curly hair, this is one guy who is meticulous about his appearance.
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise are as much models as they are actors, welcoming the female gazes like the walking billboards they’ve become. Their million dollar smiles have made them cultural icons. Both look modernly sleek atop their crotch rocket motorcycles. The picture of how Brad looked at the “Along Came Polly” premiere, where he was wearing a navy blue suit with a matching scarf , stays emblazoned in the mind – it looked very metro. His bottle blonde ‘do was the antithesis of his old skuzzy look.

Jude Law - Sensitive, soft-spoken, artsy type. He’s been into drama since he was a child, having started acting at age 12 with the National Youth Music Theatre. You’re more likely to find this vegetarian/yoga guy at a poetry reading than a boxing match any day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Schedule for Integrity Line

Arriving Late June:
Fashion Royalty
Item #91246--Eugenia "Tricks of the Trade" Doll

Arriving Mid-July:
Dynamite Girls:
Rufus Blue Vintage Vinyl
Gavin Vintage Vinyl Doll
Sooki Vintage
Reese Vintage Vinyl Doll
Poppy ParkerItem #PP013--"Beatnik Blues"
"She's Arrived"
Gift Set "A Night to Remember"
Sealed with a Kiss"
Giselle "Mais Oui!" Doll

Arriving Mid-August:
Poppy ParkerItem #PP012--"Coney Island Saturday"
"The Look of Love"
Kyori "Deceptively Yours"
"Winning Ensemble"
"Flash Star"
"Private Goddess" Doll

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dual Exhibition at the MET and Brooklyn

Heiress Gallery
Flapper Gallery

Dual Exhibition:
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Brooklyn Museum of Art

Both through August 1, 2010

A dual exhibition to celebrate the Met's acquisition of the Brooklyn Museum's entire costume collection. American Woman & American High Style consists of approximately eighty-five dressed mannequins and a selection of hats, shoes, sketches, and other fashion-related material that will reintroduce the collection, long in storage, to the public. Featured designers are Frederick Charles Worth, Poiret, Vionnet, Lanvin, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Dior, Balenciaga...etc.

To learn more and see a YouTube video of the exhibition, follow the link...
Costume Institute

To learn about the Brooklyn Museum's exhibition, follow the link...
Brooklyn Museum of Art

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fairy Fairy Burning Bright

Wizard of Oz by R. John Wright

Here is the first photo of the Lullaby League - the first issue in our exciting Wizard of Oz™ Collection! If you have not already placed your order, we encourage you to contact us ASAP to avoid disappointment.

Produced in a very limited edition of only 150 sets worldwide, many of these lovely Munchkin ladies were distributed at our recent convention to raves from lucky attendees.
A limited number of this delightful set are still available while quantities remain in the edition. This beautifully-detailed, licensed set of three is priced at $1,850.00.

Most Excellent Prince of Persia

DastanSideshow Exclusive Edition
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimePremium Format Figure
Item Number: 3000401
Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles
Price: US $299.99
or FLEXPAY for as low as $100.00 a month »

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Integrity Design Team Update

We are pleased to announce that Chris Stoeckel has officially joined the Integrity Design Team! If you are not familiar with Chris, he has been producing very popular limited edition fashions to fit dolls ranging from Fashion Royalty to Gene for years! His work is regularly featured in magazines like Haute Doll. Chris is a very talented designer and we would like to welcome him to the Integrity Team!

Gene Convention Day 1

As the doors opened for the first official event of the convention on Thursday night, the guests walked into a beautiful ballroom set up just for them. The centerpiece was everyone's favorite movie star, Gene Marshall in Blue Avenue. The convention really started off with a bang! Gene Marshall "Blue Avenue". Glenn had this doll but gave it to a tablemate - sigh!

Gene Convention Day 2

As guests sat down at their tables, they found yet another gift. Each attendee was given a beautiful set of Gene Marshall and Friends paper dolls. This paper doll set was being given in collaboration with Paper Studio Press who produced the set. Gene Marshall and Friends Paper Doll Set

The Friday luncheon has just finished and once again, guests were privy to another incredible event! As guests entered the ballroom, they were first dazzled by the centerpiece doll, who was no other than Madra Lord, dressed as "Love, Madra". This platinum bombshell won the hearts of many an attendee.Madra Lord "Love, Madra" Glenn won the right to buy this.

Dolls Magazine

Dear DOLLS subscriber,
Your July 2010 issue of DOLLS is now available.Click here to get instant access.
Witness Gene Marshall's final appearance!
See how Ruby Red Galleria helps collectors make dolls their own.
Get inspired by the unparalleled artistry of Sandra Bilotto.
Plus, learn how to restore a mid-century hard plastic doll!
View the 2010 Dolls Award of Excellence Nominees! Voting will be available June 18 when you will be notified via e-mail and given access to an online voting Web site.
We sincerely hope you enjoy your issue of DOLLS, and we look forward to hearing from you about this innovation for our readers.
See you this fall!
Carie FergAssociate Publisher/Editor DOLLS

Gene Convention Dolls - The Package

Triumph Gene Marshall® Dressed Doll:Gene looks incredible wearing this floor length gown and black embroidered gloves.

Dreamy Trent Osborn® Dressed Figure:Trent returns for this final farewell collection wearing a tailored black suit and red tie.

Fringe Festival Ivy "Vee Jay" Jordan® Dressed Doll:Ivy is a vision of beauty in lavender with a floor length shawl that is trimmed in "fringe".

Midnight Madra Lord® Dressed Doll:Not to be out done by her rival, Madra looks fabulous dressed in this gorgeous navy gown with matching gloves.

Bellweather Oona™ Dressed Doll:Oona, with red hair, is dressed in an elegant beige gown with brightly colored gloves.

Hostess with the Mostest Zita Charles® Dressed Doll:Zita, always one who likes to shine in the spotlight, throws tradition to the wind and wears satin trousers, a lace top and a matching long coat.

Fireworks Violet Waters® Dressed Doll:Last but not least, Violet is stunning in this beautifully detailed dark red gown. The long black gloves finish the fashion off perfectly.

Gene Convention - Final Night

Once again, each table look incredible and guests received more gifts at the final event. A special edition of DOLLS magazine, made just for the Gene convention, was at each place at the table. Not only that, but the final piece to their Gene Marshall Gift Set was also waiting for them. It was a beautiful Gene Marshall doll and she was wigged! This was the very first wigged Gene Marshall doll ever produced. The additional feature of this gift set was a fabulous Kio wig provided by Marg Matsui from My Favourite Doll. Please note that the wig shown in the photos below is not the wig that was included in the gift set. The Kio wig included in the gift set was custom made just for Gene. To see other Kio wigs visit My Favourite Doll:

http://www.mfd.net/This completed gift set was called Daily Threads and contains a complete mix-and-match set of fashions and accessories for every convention attendee. Gene Marshall "Daily Threads" Dressed Doll Gift Set

After yet another fabulous meal, the moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived. With thunderous applause (and some tears), Mel and the Integrity Team unveiled the exclusive Stardust convention doll...Gene Marshall as Stardust. Gene Marshall "Stardust" Convention Doll

On Saturday night, the ballroom looked magical and the centerpiece doll was that Tinsel Town favorite, Zita Charles as Azalea. Every attendee wanted the chance to purchase this beauty for their own collection!Zita Charles "Azalea"

Gene Convention - Trent

Accessory Pack

During the day on Saturday, guests had workshops, the special exhibit, the Souvenir Shop (in case they had not already received enough goodies), the raffle room and the Fan Star's Mall to take in on the final day of convention. Guests also had the opportunity to view the incredible competition entries. Every attendee voted for their favorite doll and the winners were announced at the final evening's event.
The Trent Osborn luncheon on Saturday afternoon proved to be one of the highlights of the convention. After the ballroom doors opened, members were left breathless when they saw the Trent Osborn centerpiece doll called Men's Club. Everyone wanted this hunk to come home with them. Guests were given a Trent shirt, tie and shoe set, as a special gift for attending the event and the chance to purchase the centerpiece doll as well.

Trent Osborne "Men's Club"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Mysticism & Mayhem- 2010 Tonner Halloween Convention in Burlington, VT (Sheraton) awaits you October 29-31, 2010. $50 reserves your seat for a magical event filled with wonder, fashion and surprises! Click HERE to Register! Enter the world of Mysticism and Mayhem during the Tonner 2010 Halloween Convention! Fashionably spooktacular events await you full of costumes, fun and your favorite dolls. Robert Tonner hosts this weekend party that will guide you into the ethereal realm to include a web of events, souvenirs, contests, entertainment and surprises.

Registration includes two 16" fashion dolls, three meals, favors, free seminars/presentations, and just a few added treats to thrill you. The Tonner Halloween Convention is a favorite with collectors and pop culture enthusiasts alike - so sign up today! Your fate awaits in the cards... Limited to 200 attendees. Convention Registration:The convention registration fee of $299 includes the events, products and meals outlined above as well as your entry to the Exhibits, Sales, Competition and Raffle Rooms. Other breakout events (if applicable) and free seminars will also be featured. Since registration is first come, first serve, you are highly encouraged to register online to ensure your registration confirmation.