Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gene Convention Dolls - The Package

Triumph Gene Marshall® Dressed Doll:Gene looks incredible wearing this floor length gown and black embroidered gloves.

Dreamy Trent Osborn® Dressed Figure:Trent returns for this final farewell collection wearing a tailored black suit and red tie.

Fringe Festival Ivy "Vee Jay" Jordan® Dressed Doll:Ivy is a vision of beauty in lavender with a floor length shawl that is trimmed in "fringe".

Midnight Madra Lord® Dressed Doll:Not to be out done by her rival, Madra looks fabulous dressed in this gorgeous navy gown with matching gloves.

Bellweather Oona™ Dressed Doll:Oona, with red hair, is dressed in an elegant beige gown with brightly colored gloves.

Hostess with the Mostest Zita Charles® Dressed Doll:Zita, always one who likes to shine in the spotlight, throws tradition to the wind and wears satin trousers, a lace top and a matching long coat.

Fireworks Violet Waters® Dressed Doll:Last but not least, Violet is stunning in this beautifully detailed dark red gown. The long black gloves finish the fashion off perfectly.

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