Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Everyone here at Happily Ever After wish everyone out there a very Joyous and Healthy 2010!
See ya in the New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jason News

New York – Business is booming for Jason Wu, the young New York-based designer whose name became a household name when first lady Michelle Obama wore his one-shouldered white gown to President Obama's inaugural ball in January earlier this year.

"The inauguration really helped in terms of awareness outside of America, being a young brand," said Wu on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 8, in New York. "I was just in Beijing, and people recognize the brand there and people recognize the brand in London, in Dubai, and it's known all over the world."

Wu will be moving to this new, bigger space in a few weeks, something he never imagined he'd have to do when he established his company in his current studio three years ago.
"When I first moved in there I painted the walls myself, it was very personal, I was like 'this place is so big, I'm never going to outgrow it'. Then we outgrew it," marveled Wu.
Wu's output has also grown exponentially - for instance, the 2010 season marks the first time he's done a Pre-Fall collection.

"Business is at the stage where we need four seasons a year to keep the store stocked," said Wu. "We shipped Resort three weeks ago and it's already sold out of the store."
Wu was sitting at a long table in front of a portfolio of lookbook photos from his Pre-Fall 2010 collection, while the actual clothing lined racks on either side of the table in the unfinished showroom space.

"I thought Pre-fall was really interesting to do because it's sort of like a laboratory where I got to resolve ideas, from Spring, and explore new ideas for Fall," said Wu. "It's a really good interim season."
A house model wandered in and out, showing off the delicate details of Wu's latest effort, best appreciated in person - chiffon covered sequins that looked like delicate feathers, a silver laser cut leather dress with an architectural sweep that reminded one of Eero Saarinen's New York airline terminal for TWA.

Accordingly, airline travel was theme of this collection.
"I was looking up the '60s and '70s Pan Am stewardesses and I thought it was such a glamorous career," said Wu. "I thought, that's a great way to bring glamour into a uniform, and explore that concept, the uniform, and also travel. Where Spring was this exuberant burst of colors, Pre-Fall I wanted to have this sophisticated austerity to it that a uniform brings."
Wu pointed out his trompe-l'oeil concept for one piece garments that looked like two pieces: Short dresses featured flight attendant-like ascot ties, a tweed dress came sewn with a black leather bib and a sequined sleeve was attached to another top.

"There's a lot of duality to these pieces," explained Wu. "And you know, in terms of practicality, Pre-Fall ships in mid-May, so really it's about buy-now wear-now clothes, and the way weather and climate is, people don't want to wear overly heavy clothing and so this creates the look of layering without actually having to layer. There's that sense of lightness in Pre-Fall that I thought was really important to have."

In the end, it's that kind of business savvy that is enabling Wu to take full advantage of the extra publicity he's seen over the last year or so to really push the creative limits of his collections. The result has been precisely rendered, increasingly complex and quite simply, stunning designs.
"It's great just to be able to spread my wings, and to do different things," said Wu. "And our collection's growing, business is growing. It's been a really good year in terms of growth."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

FR Club Special

About "Pewter" Natalia and "Platinum" Jordan:Natalia is gorgeous in her pewter dress with asymmetrical top, skinny belt and strappy sandals that can go from the office to a chic holiday party. Jordan is sure to steal the spotlight in her platinum strapless dress with beautiful pleating detail at the bodice, a "snakeskin" belt and black pumps. These gals shine with metallic perfection! Each doll was done in a limited edition size of 180 dolls total.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kim Lasher Sneek Peak

16" BJD "Ivy", LE 100, retail price will be $488tentative release date: August

16" BJD "Azaleah", Elf girl, LE 100, retail price will be $488tentative release date: June

16" BJD "Lotus", Asian girl, LE 100, retail price will be $488tentative release date: April

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twas The Night Before Christmas

The Bell Telephone Christmas Special was an annual event in Philadelphia. Enjoy. Is this one reason for my becoming a puppeteer?

Antique Automata - Short Film

When I was but a wee boy, my brother and I would watch the Hess Christmas Special which featured many of the automatons seen in this video.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Xmas Angel by R. John Wright

Happily Ever After
We're putting our final order for this wonderful Holiday offering by R. John Wright. This beautiful doll will be on the cover of the Holiday issue of Doll Reader Magazine!

Retail Price: $725

Standing at a manageable 11.5", this wool felt creation can be yours by contacting HEA at 215-627-5790 or emailing .

FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. Ed and Glenn
Happily Ever After

Holiday Recordings

Let's compose a list of the doll world's favorite tunes!
Send me your list:

Here's mine (in no particular order):
1) Perry Como: "No Place Like Home For the Holidays"
2) Andy Williams: "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
3) Elvis: "Blue Xmas"
4) Anything by The Chipmunks
5) Dean Martin: "It's a Marshmallow World"
6) Aretha Franklin: "Winter Wonderland"
7) Frank Sinatra: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas"
8) Elaine Paige: "Walking in the Air" (from The Snowman)
9) Rosemary Clooney: "Here Comes Suzy Snowflake"
10) Johnny Mathis: "O Holy Night"

Outcome to be revealed in December Newsletter

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Doug James' New BJD

Follow this link:
to preview Doug's new BJD!!!

Doug James is the creative force behind such fab doll lines as Willow & Daisy, CED, and Gabby & Violett.

He'll be with us at the Rothman Doll show on Sunday, November 15th!!!

Tributes To Mel

I've met Mel several times, but the last time was in '07, before Gene was placed with Integrity. He took me out to lunch and we visited his home/studio, where he showed me his private Gene collection, and was kind enough to gift me this Gene doll in this photo. I in kind gave him my Elizabet Bizelle Doll "Woman in Red". We loved how both our gifts to each other wore red and had black hair, so Mel posed with the two girls. Thanks Mel for the wonderful Gene moments, I have the lovely doll you gifted me, and she remains special in my personal collection. I must say, Elizabet has always loved borrowing outfits from Genes' wardrobe. I'm excited to hear that your new career direction will mean more new artworks to be created by your talent.
Jozef Szekeres x

Thanks for sending Mel Odom's retirement of Gene letter. I guess there will be so many people wanting to attend the Integrity party for her.. I did not join Integrity with production of Gene, but I hope the first collectors of Gene will be able to get a shot at attending.
I am one of the first people to buy the originally produced pieces when I was working for Judy Turner in McLean Va. I was the employee of her store who encouraged stocking Gene at her store. I will cherish my Gene dolls. They occupy center stage of my Va. home...
Dorothy Hatch Kennedy, presently living in Florida, but still consider Virginia myhome.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The End of An Era

A Letter from Mel
Friday, November 6, 2009 11:01 AM

Hey Kids,This is a letter I've been writing in my head for quite some time, but have not been able to actually put down on paper. It's a tough letter to write and I've been pretty emotional about it. (Big breath) I've been feeling lately like it's a perfect time for Gene and her friends to retire. I've been working on Gene since 1991. That's when the first drawings of her are dated and I'd probably had her in my head for some time before that.

The point is, she's been a consuming interest of mine for close to 20 years. It's been the most detail intensive project of my life and certainly the most fun. I've been given much because of Gene; acclaim, financial security and the best bunch of friends and collectors anyone could ever expect from their profession. It's been an amazing journey for me- completely different than what I had imagined. This year, we've had a really wonderful collection, with awards and popular triumphs and a great sense of energy among you guys. I've really enjoyed it. It's been amazing.

And the Hollywood Royalty minis being a hit was just the sprinkles on the cupcake for me. I just think it's always better going out a winner, while you are on top.This is the thing...I want to do something else. I'll be (gulp) 60 next year and feel like there are other things I can accomplish if I can devote my full attention to them, like I have done with Gene. I've practically ignored my first loves, drawing and painting, for far too long. For twenty years before Gene, I was known as an illustrator and graphic artist. I don't think I can go back to being an illustrator; that's over for me.

But I'd like to be known as a painter and I'd like to maybe teach art. As some of you know, I've been knocking on the doors of art galleries with my paintings for the past few years and am not about to give up on that particular dream of mine. I feel like I have enough time for one more great phase in my career, even though I'm not positive what it is.Gene is in my head and heart and nothing I can ever do will change that. She's always been with me in some form and will stay with me and very probably morph into another phase of whatever it is I do, paintings maybe. But I've always had to change every so often, like when I stopped focusing on illustrating and created a fashion doll. This is one of those times.

So Gene and I are pulling a Garbo, and retiring, but not without a fabulous sendoff. I have gone over my plans with Integrity and we all want to make sure that we have a proper celebration for Gene and her friends (both plastic and human). I have really enjoyed working with Integrity and making these past few years some of Gene's best ever. The Integrity team and I are planning one last, big blowout for all of us- a 15th Anniversary convention to celebrate Gene and all her friends, to be held in early June in Philadelphia. And for this special party we're creating one more collection, "The Stardust Collection", a curtain call of sorts for all of our characters, and get this... including Trent.

Ashton Drake is graciously allowing us to use the original molds to create one more classic Trent for the party. So, Trent will be there and Oona and Ivy and Violet and Madra. I'll be there and hopefully everyone will be there, to celebrate 15 years of the coolest thing to happen to fashion dolls since high heel feet.Facts and forms will be forthcoming, but I wanted to tell you all this personally. There will also be a special Gene happening in early 2010; you'll be privy to the information later on. It'll be fine, you'll see.

Gene will be a perfect 15-year long phenomenon in the doll world, a story with a humble start and surprise ending- a beautiful arc of stories, characters and costumes that changed the doll world. And as long as Cher and Barbra Streisand are in this world, there's always a chance of a comeback somewhere down the road. I'll still be blogging; the W Club has happily agreed to continue to send all of you my "Mel Mail updates", right through the big party in June. Later on, I'll be blogging from my own, which should be completed and up soon. Any of you who are interested can come along with me for the rest of the journey as well. You're all invited. Thank you for everything and remember to always....

Play nice Kids,

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sugar Daddy Ken

Mattel has announced a new addition to the company’s Barbie Gold Label Collection, Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken.

“Sporting a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket with a light pink polo shirt and crisp white pants, Ken doll is ready for Palm Beach social season, sunning by the pool and a stroll with his little companion,” reports Entertainment Earth, a website where you can preorder the doll for $81.99.
The Ken doll will include a jacket, pink polo shirt, white shoes, dog with leash, swim trunks and accessories, doll stand, and certificate of authenticity.

Sugar Daddy Ken is part of a Mattel collection that will also include Palm Beach Coral Barbie, Palm Beach Caftan Barbie, and Palm Beach Swimsuit Barbie. Available in April.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mary Hoyer Auction

Preview the Collection

OnlineOr At the Shop and Museum
October 1 to October 31
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday10 am to 4 pm

Appointments and Private Tours Available
Silent AuctionOctober 3110 amRSVP

The dolls and clothing will be available for purchase at an exclusive silent auction October 31 beginning at 10:00 AM. The first tables will close beginning at 12 noon.
Please join us for this memorable day. RSVP for the auction by October 28.

Mary Hoyer Doll Co.
24 North Mulberry St
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twilight Tour Comes (Close) To Philly

Hot Topic Twilight Tour

2000 Route 38Cherry Hill, NJ 08002-2100(856) 662-3454
November 11th

Tickets go on sale October 31st!!!
Wonder which of the cast will be there?

News and Views

DOLLS publisher Joe Jones presents veteran DOLLS advertising manager India Thybulle with the Crystal Award for Industry Leadership.
Saturday night, Alexander Doll Co. closed the convention with a fun Halloween party banquet, where good times were had by all.

Eloise Goodreau dressed up as the Alexander doll "Eloise." A fan favorite, she took first place for the costume.

In 2010 the Modern Doll Collectors Convention will be held in Winston Salem, N.C., Sept. 29-Oct. 2, 2010. The Doll & Teddy Bear EXPO will be held in the same location Oct. 1-3. We'll be launching a Web site with more details soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alderfer Auction November 4th

"Fall" In Love - Doll Auction will presented by Alderfer Auction & Appraisal on Wednesday November 4th and Thursday November 5th. This will be an interesting auction featuring several large estates from New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Of note will be a large grouping from the Richard Wright Antique store in Birchrunville, PA.

Richard Wright was well known as an appraiser on the PBS Antiques Road Show and a highly regarded dealer in fine antique dolls and general antiques. We are pleased to represent the collection of dolls which include French bisque, early papier mache - Greiner, German bisque, early cloth folk art and Beecher type, miniatures, figurines. He was also known for selling antique parts and supplies for dolls including German and French bodies, antique children’s and doll clothing, hats, shoes, as well as doll wigs and other accessories.

It is interesting how one type of doll presents itself and then many others of the same type also come in from different consignors. A large grouping of Kathe Kruse and similar makers of cloth dolls of different time periods from the early 1930’s to the 1990’s will be sold. A nice grouping of the cloth Martha Chase dolls, originally made in Pawtucket, RI are represented. The Sasha dolls that originally were designed by Sasha Morgenthaler in Zurich, Switzerland, are also well represented.
In this auction, a collection of larger size German bisque character babies will be featured. These were collected over the years by a couple with a young daughter. Now that she is off to college, it was time to let them go. Byelo babies, K*R Simon Halbig, J.D. Kestner, Gebruder Knoch, Heubach, Cuno & Otto Dressel, K*R, just to mention a few.
Two nice automatons will be sold. A Simon Halbig lady is holding up two wands connected by a string; a brass pendulum moves back and forth when in motion. Three German dolls stand together with two older children playing instruments, and the other younger child moves back and forth.
Many German bisque dolls have come to be sold including Simon Halbig, Armand Marseille, Cuno and Otto Dressel, Heubach Kopplesdorf, Handwerck, CM Bergmann, K*R Simon Halbig, Schoenau and Hoffmeister, CM Bergmann Simon Halbig, Alt, Beck and Gottschalck and other manufacturers. There are all bisques, dolls under 13", and full size dolls up to 34" in the German category.

Several doll artists will be represented incuding Annette Hemstedt and R.J. Wright. Three of Wright’s earlier adult dolls and more specifically what may have been a one of a kind Red Riding Hood doll with red hair instead of the traditional brown.
There are over 80 lots of Steiff and other mohair animals. Many groupings of miniatures and a small Bliss type dollhouse. Vintage Madame Alexanders and Shirley Temple lots, including books and ephemera. Some interesting cloth, composition and wood dolls including Schoenhut and a crèche figure.

One large collection from the House of Nisbet is being offered. This includes not only the beautiful plastic historical figures but china royal family children, Victorian Birthday dolls and historical figures in different sizes. These are all beautifully costumed.
The two day sale will open with body parts and doll supplies, doll books, and finally approximately 500 lots of discovery dolls and related items. There is definitely something for everyone over these two days.

W Club Exclusive Doll

Introducing the 2nd
2009 W Club Exclusive Doll...

Given the anticipated popularity of this doll, if you would like to purchase more than your one-per-membership allotment, email the liaisons and we will do our best to match you with another member not purchasing the doll**We are super-excited to introduce the 2nd 2009 W Club Exclusive Doll available only to W Club Members...

Presenting Agnes Von Weiss in Festive Decadence:This gorgeous mini gift set has it all! We received special permission to use event-exclusive character Agnes (based on your requests earlier this year) for the Club doll and here she is like you have never seen her before! Agnes is amazing in a pale skin tone (only used once previously and never done on Agnes before) with fire-engine red lips and deep brown hair, echoing a chic pinup from yesteryear.

Her elaborate and colorful mix and match fashions are nothing short of wonderful. First, she sports a fun and flirty royal amethyst skirt suit made of taffeta. The pencil skirt is embellished with an oversized rosette and her suit jacket features sleeves that gather just a hint above the elbow with pleating detail. Then, for under her suit, Agnes has the choice of two beautiful tops; a stylish two-tone sleeveless blouse that nips in perfectly at the waist and a second sleeveless blouse with a gorgeous pleated boatneck, both in shades of magenta.

Either top can also be paired with her full black taffeta skirt that has black rosette embellishments all the way around! Finish the look with a bevy of accessories including black strappy sandals, a chic black 'patent leather' belt and handbag with chain handles, gorgeous tiered drop earrings and a matching necklace!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Marie!

Nifty at 50
Can you believe Marie Osmond is celebrating her 50th birthday this month? She just hosted a huge collector bash in Vegas (we were there - it was fabulous!), and now she's starring in a special birthday appearance on QVC. Tune in on Oct. 26 for new dolls, plus the debut of Marie's new jewelry collection. And, if you missed Doll Reader's coverage of her new fashion line, click here to order a copy.
Also, remember that Marie's company, Charisma Brands, is donating a new doll to Toys for Tots for every doll sold during the month of October. Visit Charisma for details, and learn more about Toys for Tots.


IDEX: For the Doll Lover In You!
Love fashion dolls, BJDs, baby dolls, and everything in between? Make sure to register to attend IDEX Premiere at the end of January to see the newest dolls in the 2010 lines and sign up for events and workshops that cover every passion. In addition to company-sponsored events from Alexander Doll, Tonner, Horsman, Berdine Creedy, Goodreau Doll, and Belles and Beaux Doll & Toy Guild, you can sign up for exciting workshops and the 3rd Annual Tiny Treasures Conference, which is also being held in conjunction with IDEX Premiere! Get the details and register online today.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Michele Obama Doll

The new doll on the block stands six inches, is plastic-phthalate-free PVC, and debuts in November from Brooklyn's Jailbreak Toys. The doll comes in one of three outfits (see picture above) that are knockoffs of real Michelle O clothes worn at three high-profile events during the presidential campaign.

The Michelle Obama Action Figure sells for $12.99 and is a doll you can play with -- the head, arms and waist move. Jailbreak founder and creator Jason Feinberg earlier came out with the Barack Obama Action Figure priced between $12.99 and $20.09.With the addition of the Mrs. Obama doll, Feinberg is banking on the popularity of the First Couple to be Jailbreak's economic stimulus."As we learned with the Obama Action Figure a lot of the sales from the Michelle Obama Action Figure will be motivated by the mood of the country even though the First Lady is considered an apolitical figure.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Everybody dance now!

Mad Monster Party? - Trailer (c. 1967)

I LOVED this movie!!! Anyone else?!

Dr Shock's Weekly Greetings

Share with us your memories of local TV personalities. We watched Dr. Shock's "Mad Theatre" on Saturday afternoons (after the cartoons).

You gotta love the low budget, low tech era!

Cult Classics from NECA

The classics return in this newly packaged assortment offering up some of the most popular Cult Classics figures of the past 5 years.

This series includes Pinhead from Hellraiser, Brain from Gremlins 2, Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's Halloween, Eric Draven from The Crow, and a new version of Beetlejuice in his wedding tuxedo from Beetlejuice.

Figures are on new slimmer blister card packaging and come with accessories.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charisma Is Adora-ble

On Oct. 13, 2009, Charisma Brands announced the acquisition of Adora Doll founded by David Lin and Frank Ren. Charisma is already shipping 2009 Adora product to customers and will introduce 2010 Adora designs at IDEX and Toy Fair tradeshows beginning in January 2010. Adora’s longtime customer service and sales administrator, Sandy Fawzi, will join the Charisma team and will continue in her important role as in the past.

“The decision to sell our business was not easy. We chose Charisma and have confidence in their commitment to the Adora brand and their ability to maintain the reputation we have worked hard to build. Charisma has a fine reputation and I believe they will continue to be very successful with Adora as they build upon what we started. Charisma has the team that make Adora even better,” says Lin.

“We thank David and Frank for their confidence in Charisma to be stewards of Adora—a brand that they passionately built nearly a decade ago,” states Anthony Shutts, president and CEO of Charisma. “We continue to focus on building Charisma’s portfolio of amazing collectible brands and are thrilled to welcome the Adora to our family. We are constantly looking for unique, well-respected brands to compliment our existing brands.”

Adora joins other award-winning collectible brands of Marie Osmond, Paradise Galleries, Kewpie and Penny Brite.

You WILL Comment on THIS!!

Billy Herrington - Man or Pumpkin?

I understand he's popular in Japan.

You can bet Glenn's getting one!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet Gwen

Meet Gwen Thompson, American Girl's newest
addition to its doll family. Credit: American Girl

American Girl released an addition to its collection of sociologically accurate dolls this year -- and she's homeless.The Wisconsin-based company, whose Web site declares that it celebrates girls and all they can be, is well-known for its tasteful, well-researched dolls reflecting certain periods in American history.

Now, Gwen Thompson joins the company's line.Gwen's story is told through another doll's biography, which, according to The New York Post, is decidedly modern: Her father ran out on the family and her mother lost her job. By winter, the fatherless family is living in their car. The doll sells for $95 and is available online or at American Girl retail locations.

Pole Dancing Anyone?

Gizmodo has an item about a new doll. Does it burp? Does it breastfeed? Nope. It dances. On a pole.If anyone was wondering if the world was doomed, here is your confirmation.The scoop on this new plaything came from Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz, and features a somewhat grainy photo of a doll in a shiny dress hanging on a pole. A giant heart emblazoned with the word "Pole Dance" is at the top.

The box promises "Style." "Interesting." "Music." "Flash." "Up and Down." "Go Round and Round." It might've said "Ewww," "Gross," "Criminal"," but in all likelihood the upstanding manufacturers ran out of room. No mention is made of inserting money anywhere.In an email message, Diaz told us today: "As far as I can tell, it's a real product. It didn't seem PhotoShopped to me. It feels more like the typical Chinese-made product you can only find in low cost stores."

We were unable to confirm the actual existence of this product. Google searches turn up nothing more than references to the Gizmodo item. So perhaps there is some hope for the planet.Then again, maybe not.In case you haven't noticed, pole-dancing has become mainstream. Miley Cyrus' recent performance on the Teen Choice Awards on August 10th generated a lot of controversy.