Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tributes To Mel

I've met Mel several times, but the last time was in '07, before Gene was placed with Integrity. He took me out to lunch and we visited his home/studio, where he showed me his private Gene collection, and was kind enough to gift me this Gene doll in this photo. I in kind gave him my Elizabet Bizelle Doll "Woman in Red". We loved how both our gifts to each other wore red and had black hair, so Mel posed with the two girls. Thanks Mel for the wonderful Gene moments, I have the lovely doll you gifted me, and she remains special in my personal collection. I must say, Elizabet has always loved borrowing outfits from Genes' wardrobe. I'm excited to hear that your new career direction will mean more new artworks to be created by your talent.
Jozef Szekeres x

Thanks for sending Mel Odom's retirement of Gene letter. I guess there will be so many people wanting to attend the Integrity party for her.. I did not join Integrity with production of Gene, but I hope the first collectors of Gene will be able to get a shot at attending.
I am one of the first people to buy the originally produced pieces when I was working for Judy Turner in McLean Va. I was the employee of her store who encouraged stocking Gene at her store. I will cherish my Gene dolls. They occupy center stage of my Va. home...
Dorothy Hatch Kennedy, presently living in Florida, but still consider Virginia myhome.

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