Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gene Convention - Final Night

Once again, each table look incredible and guests received more gifts at the final event. A special edition of DOLLS magazine, made just for the Gene convention, was at each place at the table. Not only that, but the final piece to their Gene Marshall Gift Set was also waiting for them. It was a beautiful Gene Marshall doll and she was wigged! This was the very first wigged Gene Marshall doll ever produced. The additional feature of this gift set was a fabulous Kio wig provided by Marg Matsui from My Favourite Doll. Please note that the wig shown in the photos below is not the wig that was included in the gift set. The Kio wig included in the gift set was custom made just for Gene. To see other Kio wigs visit My Favourite Doll: completed gift set was called Daily Threads and contains a complete mix-and-match set of fashions and accessories for every convention attendee. Gene Marshall "Daily Threads" Dressed Doll Gift Set

After yet another fabulous meal, the moment everyone had been waiting for had arrived. With thunderous applause (and some tears), Mel and the Integrity Team unveiled the exclusive Stardust convention doll...Gene Marshall as Stardust. Gene Marshall "Stardust" Convention Doll

On Saturday night, the ballroom looked magical and the centerpiece doll was that Tinsel Town favorite, Zita Charles as Azalea. Every attendee wanted the chance to purchase this beauty for their own collection!Zita Charles "Azalea"

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