Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Offering

We are pleased to announce the second and final production of "Peter Cottontail" for the 2011 spring season! Peter Cottontail is constructed of the finest mohair plush and wool felt. He is fully jointed and stands approximately 15" tall. His beautiful sculptural face and ears have detailed coloration and he features felt-backed glass eyes, a molded felt nose, and inserted whiskers. Peter Cottontail holds a springtime bouquet of detailed felt violets and pussy willows made entirely of felt and mohair plush. He also carries a papier mache Easter egg gaily wrapped in paper with silk ribbons. For effortless display, Peter Cottontail comes complete with a built-in removable metal stand.
Peter Cottontail was produced at the R. John Wright workshop in Bennington, Vermont in an edition limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. The final pieces in the edition are now ready for shipment. We would encourage you to place your order ASAP to avoid disappointment! The suggested retail price is $825.

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