Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mikki Klug Wins URSA Award

Baby sugar glider by Mikki Klug - Winner of URSA Award from Bears and Buds magazine

Congratulations to Mikki Klug of Cripple Creek Creations!

I've been an animal lover as long as I can remember. I still live on the farm with my husband, Ronald, and all our animals: Llamas, cats and dogs. My love of these animals has enabled me to create felties, with unique poses, expressions and personalities.

A special thanks for the on going support of Ron, my sisters, Maggie and Cookie (Susan) and Felicia Hymer of the Bear Scout who sells my creations. I spend about eight house a day needle felting which I Love!

Competitions like Bears&Buds' URSA Awards are extremely rewarding and challenge me to continually improve my skill and a vehicle to introduce my work to many of which have become my loyal customer and friends.

Thank you for voting for me.

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