Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Integrity Announces 2009 W Club Doll

Introducing the 2009 W Club Exclusive Doll which is part of the 2009 Return to Hollywood Collection: Candied Lavender Gene Marshall! Gene Marshall is a vision in ruffles wearing "Candied Lavender", a cocktail-into-evening ensemble designed for distraction. A flattering bodice of gathered and pleated satin is whittled into an hourglass shape by the stomacher bodice and cinched belting at the waist. The pleated ruffles above the narrow skirt are draped to disappear from the back and enhance the tiny waistline. A black 'fox' stole and black gloves add the dark notes to this celebration of color. Lavender satin pumps are at the bottom of this look and baby, if they're the bottom, then the beaded and veiled cocktail hat is the top. Gene's gorgeous brunette hair complements this colorful masterpiece perfectly.

This doll is only available to members of the W Club. Membership DOES have it's privileges.

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