Friday, July 10, 2009

Ashton Afraid?

Ashton Kutcher is scared of his wife Demi Moore's doll collection. The 'Punk'd' star says the actress' hoard of 3,000 life-like figurines disturbs him and he is begging her to open a museum so he can get them out of their home.

Writing on his popular Twitter page, Ashton said: "Spent the day going through wifey's insane doll collection - 3,000 contemporary art dolls all staring at you. I'm gonna have nightmares."

"I'm trying to convince the wife to open a doll museum. She also has thousands of Barbies and GI Joes."

He then added some pictures of the creepy collection and put captions underneath the photos, with one saying: "Hello Ashton, I'm watching you."

Demi - who, at 46, is 15 years older than her husband - is believed to have devoted one of her homes to house her doll family.

Toys include a life-like little girl clutching a teddy bear and a withered old lady wearing a red head-scarf and wielding a shotgun.

She started collecting them when she was married to Bruce Willis and recently insured the collection for $2 million.

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