Thursday, August 6, 2009

2nd W Club Exclusive Doll by Inegrity

City Sleeker Zita Charles
While this is available only to W Club members, we thought you'd enjoy it.

An evening suit has but one function, to make you look fabulous. It's generally not a work garment; it's a glamorous 'presentation' bit of fashion. City Sleeker is exactly that, a collection of flattering lines and details, tailored and combined into a gorgeous burgundy satin hourglass. The soaring, stand-away collar is flared from the bustline, atop a meticulously tailored jacket and punctuated by a column of self-fabric buttons.
The jacket's fitted waist is ruched into a peplum worthy of New Look distinction by a series of tiny cartridge pleats. Below this, a narrow skirt dips to mid-calf length, towards color coordinated, burgundy pumps. One of Zita's reasons for having this suit made was to display her new necklace, an elaborate tangle of vibrant mixed stones, meticulously wrapped in gold wire and fashioned into a bit of bona fide fashion bohemia.
At her wrist, over frosted celery green gloves, is a much more classic design of tiny gold chains fashioned into a meticulously detailed bracelet. With golden, topaz studded, flower shaped earrings and Zita's famous silver streak in her bouffant hairstyle, our city sophisticate is indeed sleek. She's a very stylish girl.

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