Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tonner Convention!!!

Unforgettable:(Breakout Event $149 - requires separate ticket purchase) – LUNCH EVENT - The most beautiful women in the world wear Revlon, and Robert Tonner has joined with the famed Cosmetics House to create an ultra limited modern take on the Revlon Doll in an all new fashion doll body size. As a special tribute to one of his favorite 1950s glamour girls, Robert is also working on a surprise with a `vintage touch'. You'll want to wear your unforgettable Revlon Red to this exciting event celebrating beauty from today and days gone by.

Steampunk Gone Wilde:(Breakout Event $175.00 – requires separate ticket purchase) – DINNER EVENT - Steampunk is a popular genre mixing science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy blended with steam-powered technology of the 19th Century and Victoria era England, echoing such musings of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Ellowyne Wilde adores steampunk style as a fun departure from her chronic boredom. However, at this event, she'll come face-to-face with her nemesis, Amber Stanhope, making her debut. Help us to keep Ellowyne's ennui to a minimum by wearing your most outrageous steampunk attire (special attire is optional).

Hat's Off to Effanbee! The 100th Anniversary Party:(Breakout Event $25 - requires separate ticket purchase) - CAKE EVENT - Since its inception, Effanbee actually has many anniversaries marking their centennial, but Robert Tonner wishes to celebrate the partnership of Bernard E. Fleischaker and Hugo Baum in 1910 – a partnership that would pave the way to 100 years of Effanbee Dolls. Many Effanbee dolls are counted amongst some of the most popular 20th century play dolls, and we're having a centennial birthday party to honor the Effanbee tradition. Your souvenir doll will be a delightful 100th Anniversary Patsyette, by Robert Tonner, and you'll receive a special raffle ticket that may hold your chance at one of three prizes, the top prize of which will be a registration package for your choice of the Tonner 2010 Halloween Convention or the Tonner 2011 Collectors Convention. Wear your most celebratory birthday hats (the bigger the better – and of course, hats are optional) for this once in a lifetime party; beverages and birthday cake will be served.

Saturday, May 22, 2010Browncoats' Breakfast:(Breakout Event $165 - requires separate ticket purchase) BREAKFAST EVENT - Browncoats, Smugglers, Shepherds and Companions gather in a secret location from The Alliance to revel in the cult phenomenon known as `Firefly'. Joss Whedon's blended science fiction and western sub cultures play into the highly original Fox Television Series and its subsequent Universal Pictures film `Serenity'. Robert Tonner invites you to his latest pop-culture partnership as he presents your very special Inara Serra souvenir and the debut of Malcolm Reynolds to the Tonner Character Figure™ family. Think sci-fi western in your attire (optional, of course) and be prepared to evacuate should any Reavers invade the breakfast buffet!

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