Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steiff To Open First Gallery in USA

Steiff North America announced today that it will open its first-ever boutique in the United States. Steiff NA president Jim Pitocco says, “It is our goal to make this store a wonderful destination and introduce Steiff to a whole-new generation.”

The store will be located in the up-scale Atrium Mall in the Boston suburb of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. The grand opening will take place Aug. 5 and will feature several not-to-be-missed events.

During the first two weeks of operation, the store will showcase nine historic items from its museum, including the first modern teddy bear ever made—the famous “Richard Steiff” bear. It will be the first time this Teddy will have ever been shown in the United States.

Also included in the exhibition will be the first Mickey and Minnie Mouse ever mass-produced for the Disney Studios. Walt Disney himself selected Steiff as the manufacturer of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dolls because of the company’s reputation for quality. The Disney dolls that will be on display at the Steiff Gallery date from 1931 and 1932. During the two-week gala, the company will have a special gift (while supplies last) for any visitors born in those years or who are 31 or 32 years young: a Steiff miniature collectible five-way-jointed mohair teddy bear. Everyone will receive Steiff balloons in addition to the opportunity to view plush history.

The company wants to make sure that its dealers are comfortable with the new store. A company spokesperson says that the new Steiff Gallery will be a flagship, much like the Prada and Coach stores on Park and Fifth Avenues in New York City. By raising the visibility of the Steiff brand, she says, everyone will benefit.

As Aug. 5 nears, visit Steiff USA for more information.

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