Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ken To Turn 50 in 2011

Following his famous ex-girlfriend, Barbie, who turned fifty in 2009, Ken is finally celebrating the big 50 himself. With a new movie and a new twitter page, the world’s most famous boy toy remains on top and shows no signs of slowing down!

Ken Carson, named after his creator’s son, was first introduced to the world at the American International Toy Fair as Barbie doll’s boyfriend March 11,1961. The Wisconsin native was donning plastic hair and a red bathing suit but that wouldn’t last. Just like Barbie, Ken became a style icon, adapting to the times with fabulous looks. By the 70’s Ken’s hair was rooted and he was sporting a golden tan. Ken’s ever-changing look took many more turns. Some of his most memorable styles include Rapping Rocking Ken, Cutie Ken and in 2006 when famous stylist Phillip Bloch gave him a Hollywood makeover!

Stylish and smart, Ken has taken on so many roles throughout his years including businessman, Olympian and pilot. It doesn’t look like Ken will retire anytime soon because he has just taken on a new title: movie star. In Toy Story 3, Ken starred as himself and true to character had a total of 50 costume changes!

With so much going for him, this Pisces man has the ability to charm any doll. But Ken still holds one lady close to his heart, Barbie. The couple that first met in 1961 on a commercial set had a love affair that lasted more than four decades. It wasn’t until Valentines Day, 2004 that Ken and Barbie announced they were going separate ways and Aussie Blaine took Ken’s famous spot on Barbie’s arm. No need to worry, rumor has it that this famous couple may be rekindling their romance after being spotted during New York Fashion Week in 2009.

Ken is turning fifty and he’s as fabulous as ever. He’s definitely a far cry away from his $3.50 original version that was available in blonde or brunette. Just this year he has launched his own Facebook page and is making appearances at fashion events like Fashion’s Night Out in September. With so much going on what more could Ken wish for this birthday except Barbie back!

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