Tuesday, January 4, 2011

W Club Registration Now Open

Registration for the 2011 W Club is now open! We have some very exciting information, so please read this email for information on how to re-register for another exciting year in the W Club!
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Registering for the 2011 W Club
We have a brochure about the 2011 W Club that can be found in our forum or at this link:
Contact the Liaisons if you have any problems viewing this document.
If you want to skip the brochure, you can go right to the registration process by clicking the link below:
You may register now through 10:00 AM CST (Chicago Time) on January 21st, 2011.
You may remember from past years that our deadline is concrete, so make sure you register well in advance of the deadline. Every year things come up at the last minute, so please register as soon as possible.
As in years past, there are no limits on registration- you can register for as many memberships as you like at any time prior to the 1/21/11 deadline.
Important note: Club memberships cannot be shared or transferred and since you can purchase as many memberships as you like, you do not need to create additional names for those memberships. It tends to create confusion when memberships are put in inactive members' names.
Also, please make sure that the memberships are under the correct names and if you are purchasing memberships for other collectors that you put their names in the comments section. If a name is not registered, that person will not be recognized as a Club member.IMPORTANT!!*Please note that if you purchase multiple memberships so that your spouse or partner can attend any of the W Club exclusive events, this person's name must be included in the comment section of one of these multiple memberships!* If you purchase multiple memberships but do not include your spouse or partner's name on one of those memberships, they will not be able to attend any of the W Club exclusive events.
Come Join Us For Another Fabulous Club Year With More Perks and Privileges

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