Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Real HAir" Doll Coming!!!

You watched Justin Bieber age alongside Ozzy Osbourne in his Super Bowl commercial. You rushed out to Wal-Mart buy his One Less Lonely Girl nail polish, picked up the life-size cardboard cutout at FYE and already bought tickets for the opening run of his 3-D big screen debut in "Never Say Never."

What other ways could possibly left for you to show your total and utter devotion to Justin Bieber? How about the Justin Bieber "Real Hairstyle" doll? After some fans complained that last year's JB Style Collection Figures and Justin Bieber Music Video Collection Singing Figures were missing the Bieb's signature locks, the manufacturer of those dolls has upped the ante. According to a press release from The Bridge Direct Inc., a new set of Bieber dolls will hit shelves in August, complete with a more authentic Bieber swoop cut.

The Justin Bieber "Real Hairstyle" dolls will make their debut during the American International Toy Fair in New York (February 13-16), which happens to coincide with the opening weekend of "Never Say Never."
"When we introduced the first series of Justin Bieber dolls right before the holidays last year, the most frequent comment we heard from fans — besides how much they love them — was: 'Why doesn't the doll have Justin's hairstyle that you can comb?' " the Bridge President Jay Foreman said in a statement. "We heard the fans loud and clear, and we're thrilled to be able to offer them the doll they've been waiting for later this year."

While the original dolls "sang" clips of the Bieber hits "Baby" and "One Less Lonely Girl," the new ones will come loaded with "U Smile" and "Never Say Never," with fashions inspired by some of Bieber's signature looks, from beachwear to red-carpet outfits. The figures will also come with accessories such as a skateboard, backpack and sunglasses.

The $17.99 dolls will be accompanied by some new set pieces, including the Rockin' Tour Bus and Concert Stage playsets, which retail for a piggy-bank busting $79.99. The bus opens up and transforms into a stage with lights, a spinning floor and an MP3 dock with speakers. It also features a backstage lounge that converts from a dressing table to a media room.

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