Saturday, January 18, 2014

Helen Kish Annouces New Plans For 2014

Helen Kish will be making some changes in 2014.  

Per the Kish & Company web site:  Although there are new dolls in the works, we will not be showing them for a bit. We are working on two new, 11" fully articulated BJD children and there will be new Signature Edition models in the Chrysalis line coming as well. Your patience will be rewarded!

As Kish Society members already know from the most recent newsletter, Helen and Tamas are coming closer to the day when they will launch their new venture "Love & Kishes"! The new company will co-exist with Kish & Company and complement Helen's love of sculpting with products that we hope will capture the imagination (and a market segment!) and even overlap with our wonderful doll collectors.  "Love & Kishes" will offer wedding cake toppers and other purely sculptural ephemera, such as the girl pictured below. (Wistful)

What do you hope to see for 2014?

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