Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Take A Look At DollBid.Com
Can Sell and Promote YOU
for FREE!
Repainters, Hair Stylists, Jewelry Craftspeople, Couture Designers - dollbid wants YOU to be a part of our 
dollbid Design Legion. Forget - your work is too obscured by other artists across an endless multitude of categories. dollbid focuses solely on the Doll Community. That's what dollbid's Design Legion does- we set up your dollbid account and list your work for sale, while promoting your brand through our growing network of social media and doll resources world-wide. 
You don't have time to promote - you're too busy creating your work! So let us do your sales and promotional work FREE for a limited time, Now through April 15, 2014 - after that, continue to use our services for a low transaction fee - we still do the listings for you!
It's a great time to sell on! 
What are you waiting for? is the easy-to-use marketplace for doll lovers created and managed by doll lovers. reaches a targeted market within the doll collector industry by promoting auctions via Facebook, its growing email list, and doll industry media publications like DOLLS Magazine. also offers exceptional customer service and listing guidance to its users, making buying and selling dolls online a highly personal experience with a strong return audience.
Contact us TODAY to start selling your work and building your brand - we're just an email away at
NOW through April 15, 2014!

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