Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More from Intrgrity's Convention

We could hardly believe that it was Saturday already! The final day of the convention proved to be another busy day, full of activities. Guests had workshops, the Museum, the Souvenir Shop (in case they had not already received enough goodies), the raffle room and the Design-A-Doll Studio to take in on this final day of the convention. Guests also had the opportunity to view the incredible competition entries. Every attendee could vote for their favorite doll but had to wait until the final evening's event to know which entry won.

The W Club luncheon proved to be, yet again, one of the highlights of the convention. After the ballroom doors were opened, members were left breathless when they saw the AvantGuards Vanishing Point centerpiece doll. Guests were given a wig and shoe set as a special gift for attending the event and the chance to purchase the centerpiece doll as well.

There were a number of items on display during the luncheon, including Fashion Fuel, the W Club exclusive AvantGuards fashion and a brand new Integrity Toys Direct Poppy Parker gift set (the one that was sneak-peeked at Friday's luncheon!). Information on pricing and when the gift set will be released will be announced later but we have a few quick photos for you.

Poppy Parker Gift Set

*Props in photos not included.

Also, among some other gossip and sneaks, attendees were privy to some sneak peek photos of 3 new Poppy Parker dolls that are scheduled to arrive in January. W Club members went away from the luncheon with happy smiles on their faces!

The Saturday night ballroom looked magical as guests entered to see that t he centerpiece doll was another new star in the Integrity Toys line up...Dania Zarr in Optic Clash. Every attendee wanted the chance to purchase this beauty!

Dania Zarr Optic Clash

Not only did each table look incredible, but the final piece to their Fashion Royalty Gift Set was also waiting for them. The Fashion Royalty character was none other than Natalia Fatalé! Natalia looked ravishing in her pale blue lingerie, her long, flowing mane of red and her fine porcelain complexion. Our super sleuths managed to discover that Natalia had been busy developing a skin lightening formula and decided to test the cream on herself (her assistant refused and was promptly fired). You can see the results of Natalia's little experiment in the photos.

This completed gift set is called Power Game Natalia Fatalé and contains a complete mix-and-match set of fashions and accessories for every convention attendee!

Natalia Fatalé Gift Set Power Game

After yet another fabulous meal, the moment we all had been waiting for arrived. With thunderous applause, Jason unveiled the exclusive Jason Wu Event VI convention doll....Elise Jolie in Blue Blood! This new character has an important tie to Veronique's past...Elise is the daughter of Veronique's former finishing school teacher, Mademoiselle Jolie. Elise uses her mother's maiden name for business purposes.
Elise Jolie in Blue Blood

*Luggage in photo is included.Time really does fly when you are having so much fun. The convention ended after the events on Saturday night and now the Integrity Team is trying to recover from this incredible week. We would like to thank everyone who attended this year and made this convention absolutely fabulous! We hope we see the rest of you that were unable to attend at some future event.

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