Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Barbie Is Double Blessed

These days, there are all sorts of Barbie dolls. From career women to shopping divas, Barbie dolls mimick all facets of life. Their look, however, is a different matter.

The typical Barbie doll is skinny with huge boobs and a wardrobe that rivals Sarah Jessica Parker's closet.

But have Barbie manufacturers gone too far? I received this photo from a Fashion Examiner reader who thinks so. It appears Barbie is proudly displaying deep cleavage and what appear to be breast implants.

The note accompanying the photo said, "I don't want my baby growing up to think Heidi [Montag] is her role model."
For those not familiar with Montag, she is a reality starlet who underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day, one of which was super-sized breast implant surgery.

Is this what designer Stacey McBride (designer of the African-American Barbie) had in mind?

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