Friday, May 21, 2010

News From the Tonner Convention

Madame et la Citron

Takes the Cake

Madame a la Framboise

Madame a la Menthe

At the Opening Night Reception - Let Them Eat Cake - Attendees were greeted with a balloon-filled banquet room with desserts, cake and dolls! The event souvenir was a new sculpt (referred to as Duchess) on the Antoinette body (Takes the Cake - LE350); the Centerpieces were Madame a la Menthe (Green - with Daphne sculpt - LE100), Madame a la Framboise (Pink - with Kit sculpt - LE100), and Madame et le Citron (Yellow - Sydney sculpt - LE100). The three dolls stood on gold bases amongst the revelry of the event. Staff members dressed in 'Let Them Eat Cake' tee shirts, periods wigs and make-up.

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