Saturday, July 12, 2008

FW: New Berdine Creedy Newsletter

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Berdine Creedy

"Extremely excited describes my 5 NEW outfits!!!!!!!

The clothing was designed specially by the talented Paulette Goodreau.

They are awesome".
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Alice Close Up
Paulette Goodreau

Speaking of collaboration, the boys from Happily Ever After and the girls from Goodreau will be teaming up at the following events:

UFDC - Las Vegas, NV
Opening Night:
Mon.,July 28th

Public Day:
Thursday, July 31st
starting at Noon.

The Doll & Teddy Bear Expo
Washington, DC
HEA's very special event:
Afternoon Delight
3pm to 4pm
Doug James of CED has created a very limited edition outfit (25) for the BJD Rumor.
The dressed doll will be available at the event. The $25 entrance fee can go towards the purchase.
There will be all sorts of scrummy food and drink. Along with Doug and Paulette, Berdine Creedy will be there with her new outfits for Melodi and Unity.
Rothman Doll Show
Hackansack, NJ
Sunday, August 17, 2008 from 10AM - 4PM
Happily Ever After will have three tables against the back wall with Doug James from CED and Gabby & Violette fame!

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Dear Edward,

What exciting times! Two fine artists - Berdine Creedy and Paulette Goodreau - collaborating on a project resulting in terrific new designs for us!

Take a gander below at the five new outfits for Berdine's BJD dolls.

Dressed Up Alice
BC Dressed Up Alice
Dressed up Alice. Dress, apron, short,
Kneed high socks, head piece, shoes.

Retail Price: $56

Hanging With the Boys
BC Hanging
T-shirt, Jacket, pants, crochet hat,
leggings, shoes.
Retail Price: $64

Little Hippie
BC Little
T-shirt, Top, Jeans, socks, shoes.
Retail Price: $64

Pretty In Pink

BC Pretty In Pink
Long sleeves top, Dress,
shorts, socks and boots.
Retail Price: $62

Punk It Up
BC Punk It UP
T-shirt, Skirt, Shorts. Socks,Boots.
Retail Price: $56

Call us at 215-627-5790 or email to get your dolls an outfit (or 2) they will cherish!


Ed and Glenn
Happily Ever After

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