Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marcia Friend's Bar-B-Q

Road Trip!! Ed, Paula Kagan ( our customer from Maine) and myself piled in Ed's jalopy and headed for Jersey. We sang songs and played "I Spy" and even though he was driving, Ed got to doze off for a bit.

Marcia - of Facets by Marcia - has an annual barbecue at her home. For just $12 one can have all the food they can eat plus be surrounded by Marcia's fabulous doll collection

PLUS buy things in the basement sales room . . .

PLUS scramble for FREE stuff outside where there are 3 tables of, well, free stuff . . .


AND hang with fun doll folk.

Our gracious host greeted us and was as calm and serene as if she wasn't having almost 100 people traipsing 'bout her home. Can a home be both grand and homey? Well, Marcia's is just that and a bag of fries. There were tidbits everywhere. Good thing for my mouth was hung open viewing the beautiful displays of dolls. See, when I caught myself staring with my mouth open, I'd reach for a candy or snack and pop it in.

Seating was plentiful throughout the house,
but we chose the backyard with it's tented comfort. Greeting friends from past conventions and doll club meetings - a large contingent from the Center City Doll Club of Philly were there.

Celebrities! Galore!

Ted Menten and Debra DeForte (Wilde Imagination)

Our sweetie Paula and Tom Courtney (Tonner Doll Company)

Sheryl and Tom ( Thomas Originals ).

Laurie and Lynn ( Cherished Friends) and well, you know.

Such a great time! It shows!

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