Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Maggie at Longwood" Recap

There was an overabundance of very happy doll collectors galore at the Happily Ever After dinner for Maggie Iacono on Saturday, June 21st. Many had arrived early to stroll the acres of lush gardens and ornate fountains.

Upon arriving to the dining room, guests were greeted at the door by Edward Ferry’s Mother and Aunt who then handed out name badges and seating assignments. A beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers with an Iacono faerie base were in the center of each table. Several lucky attendees got to take one home with them.

The entire Iacono clan was there: Tony and Maggie along with daughters Emily, Amy and Jennifer. Maggie was stunning wearing all white with an over sized hat appropriate for the races at Ascot.

The buffet was called "Italian Water Gardens" and definitely pleased everyone’s taste buds.

Tony Iacono entertained us all with a video serenade to Maggie set to the tune "You Made Me Love You" and featured a review of Maggie Made Dolls. Follow the link below to watch:

Then daughter Emily treated everyone to her latest video production: "The Faerie Who Could". It was a hilarious and touching story of a faerie who learns to fly. It starred Maggie, Tony and Amy all wearing faerie costumes! That alone was worth the price of admission.

Before the event doll was handed out, there was a "reverse" raffle and Margie Stoker won a charming Maggie Made doll of which only 5 were made. Everyone was having such a wonderful time, many couldn't’t believe there was still a doll to be had. And we were tickled by the sweetie we found. With delicate wings, a whimsical cap and flowers upon which to sit, our event doll named Ella is a delight to behold!

The date for next year’s "Maggie at Longwood" event? Stay tuned!

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