Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farewell Katherine from Kish and Company

One of our favorite people who makes going to conventions fun, Katherine from Kish and Company, has announced that she will be reducing her hours to part-time in June because . . ." I am starting nursing school." Finally, someone compitent to tend to my boo-boos!

As moderator of the Kish Yahoo Group, Katherine has imparted some words of wisdom:
The issue of Song, Dye, Staining Etc.We will be discussing this with our factory to determine to source of the problem and prevent it from happening in future dolls. Helen believes that a chemical reaction between the glue and dye may be at fault. However, unless the dye is effecting visible portions of the doll (face, ears, neck) she does not feel it constitutes a defect. Vinyl is a porous material and has been known to absorb colors and dyes from wigs, clothing etc. We are constantly working to keep staining issues to a minimum.

What is the Enlighten Foundation? The Enlighten Foundation is a ministry that supports women and children across the globe by providing health care, education and skill development. You can see and purchase Eva from Romania (pictured above) the first doll Helen created for them here: . Her next creation will be a doll from Zimbabwe.

Is Blossom articulated? Blossom does use the DJ sculpt and a body with 9 points of articulation.
I saw a picture of a doll named Kiley and Miki are they being produced this fall? Debut Kiley (7.5") and Debut Miki (6") are going to be produced as club dolls. They will be priced at $140 and $130 respectively. I am keeping a list for those that are interested and will provide those on it with the first batch of pre-order forms. We are expecting them in late fall (Oct/Nov).

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