Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kish Views and News

This came from Natalia who attended the "Trivia with Helen" workshop at the 2009 Kish Convention.

1. The Enlighten Foundation will have a doll from Zimbabwe next year.

2. Lark High Heels is due the end of May.

3. Piper Chasing Butterflies will be on the ocean the end of this month but you have to add another 4-6 weeks to that until she arrives. The rest of the dolls will be here June/July.

4. Someone asked if Helen considered a 14" doll with no wig. Helen replied Song was the answer to a a basic doll and Helen feels funny releasing a doll with no wig.

5. Someone asked about an AA 14" doll. And yes, there will be one but not yet.

6. Natalia asked about a 14" boy - and yes again. He has been sculpted and painted and his name is PHOENIX and he is already in the studio hiding somewhere. He will not be released until probably 2010 - maybe as a club doll - not anatomically correct.

7. Smiling Riley has been changed to Smiling Kylie - possibly a friend or cousin to Riley. Her sculpt looked too different than Riley when Helen was done making her. Kylie will be on display in the sales room at the convention. Perhaps she will be on preorder for Kish club members the end of this year.

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